Artificial intelligence reaches pharmaceutical market

The pharma co-pilot SmileGPT saves up to 90% time

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The future of pharma marketing has begun, and it's AI-driven. Smile.BI launches SmileGPT, the first innovative pharma AI tool. It is based on a partnership with OpenAI, combining state-of-the-art artificial intelligence with Smile's market-leading digital pharma data. With unique data, implementation of pharma and ecommerce best practices and a focus on data security, SmileGPT is optimally tailored to the needs and workflows of pharma marketing teams.

New: The Pharma Copilot SmileGPT saves up to 90% time

"With SmileGPT, pharma companies not only get the best insights, but achieve speed records in their daily work. With our Smile Copilots, our users save up to 90% time compared to their previous workflow," says Smile.BI founder and CEO Fabian Kaske. "Besides higher quality and speed, security is the top priority for our customers. SmileGPT adheres to the strict regulations of the German Drug Advertising Act (HWG) and protects the valuable data of our customers. This means that sensitive company data always remains protected and no customer data migrates to the USA or is used for other training purposes. We are proud to be pioneers in this field and look forward to helping our clients on their journey to success.

SmileGPT consists of three unique copilots that facilitate the day-to-day work of the digital pharma industry: Insights Copilot, Content Copilot and Communication Copilot. This intelligent combination enables pharmaceutical companies to optimise their online presence, realise significant sales increases and raise customer communication to a higher level.


Smart recommendations and analysis with the Insights Copilot

Insights Copilot is the key to maximising online sales, delivering insights in 30 seconds that used to take 3 hours of manual analysis. This powerful wizard provides data-driven analysis and specific recommendations to identify and address revenue leakage. With features such as sentiment analysis and AI-powered keyword and category suggestions, this copilot ensures that manufacturing brands are optimally positioned in the digital marketplace. Even issues such as market share loss are no longer a challenge. SmileGPT accesses a multitude of data in the area of retail media (on- and off-site), on-site performance indicators, online pharmacy individuals and pharmaceutical knowledge, so that even complex questions can be answered reliably and quickly.

With the Content Copilot in 2 clicks to new, HWG-compliant content

The Content Copilot is the answer to the challenges of creating high-quality content for ecommerce. With just two clicks, it generates conversion-optimised product texts that are not only brand-compliant but also HWG-compliant. Furthermore, it supports the creation of SEO-optimised product texts, strong headlines for better rankings and maximum success on platforms such as Amazon.

Unlike traditional AI platforms, our innovative AI tool suite offers a number of key benefits:

Speed without compromise:

Important, complex questions that normally take hours to answer are answered within 30 seconds, saving your business an enormous amount of time.

Highest data security:

Our AI tool ensures the highest standards of data security. We do not store any information about the processed company data and no data is used for training purposes of the AI models. Furthermore, no data is shared with third parties to ensure the integrity of your information.

Brand Tonality for maximum brand consistency:

Our unique approach ensures that all generated text is consistent with the specific brand language. Using existing content as a base ensures consistency of your brand messages and values to create a strong and consistent brand identity.

Uniqueness made in Germany:

Our copilots have been completely developed in Germany. No other AI tool has these market-leading insights on spendings, reach and performance of all brands across all relevant online pharmacies and on Google.

This innovative suite of AI copilots will undoubtedly change the way the pharmaceutical industry does its marketing. Smile.BI continues to be at the forefront of technological development to provide the best solutions to pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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