With our expertise from Europe's most important market, we are striving for market leadership in further countries.

Smile.BI International

Smile.BI extends its operations into additional European countries

Smile analytics

Gain deep market insights with our Smile Analytics KPI set

  • Availability
  • Content quality 
  • Keyword analysis
  • Search performance
  • Price & Promotions
  • Ratings & Reviews
Smile international countries

Smile.BI's international target markets for 2023 include:

  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • France (FR)
  • Spain (ES)
  • Italy (IT)
  • Poland (PL)
  • Czech Republic (CZ)
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All important KPIs such as Visibility, Price, Product Page Quality and Sales in one application

Smile Analytics

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    Ensure optimal consulting quality

    • Measure content, packshot & rich media quality
    • Out-of-stock alerts for own and competitor products
    • Ratings & Reviews: Quickly uncover potential
    Home kpi visibility


    Identify the new customer levers for your brands

    • Achieved and potential contacts for keywords
    • Compare actual share-of-voice
    • Only provider with reach data
    Home kpi price


    Quickly and accurately understand the pricing landscape

    • All store prices
    • Tracking the influence of pricing strategies and promotional activities
    • Gain insights into price effects on sales volumes and profitability
    Home kpi sales


    Keep an eye on sales, market share and all ecommerce KPIs

    • 360° Dashboard
    • Flexibly integrate all your data
    • For sell-in and sell-out per store & brand

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