Vision & Mission

Our Vision: We strive to be a Global Leader in Digital Pharma

  • Our objective: We invite you to join our ambitious journey to lead the global digital pharmaceutical market together.​
  • Our clear Path: For the first time in our history, we see a clear path to achieving our vision - enabled by our unique data and our team's unwavering culture.
  • Our technological advantage: By using artificial intelligence, we gain a decisive advantage that allows us to advance faster and more efficiently than the competition.​
  • In global competition: We face leading companies such as IQVIA, Nielsen and Veeva. Our agility and willingness to continually learn create unparalleled opportunities in the digital data space.​

Our Mission

  • Boost brands and careers: We make our customers’ brands more successful through our software tools and expertise, which in turn advances their careers.​
  • Mutual success: Our clients' success contributes to our own success, allowing everyone on the team to take on more responsibility.
  • Values ​​and ambitions: Our mission reflects our values ​​and directly supports our vision and ambitions to shape the digital pharma space.

At Smile.BI, diversity is more than a concept

Diversity & social commitment

Diversity is at the heart of everything we do at the Kaske Group. For us, diversity means a foundation for innovation and community. We believe that true innovation and creativity come from diversity of thought and experience. That is why we are actively committed to promoting diversity in all its forms - be it in terms of origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion or life experience. We firmly believe that our strength lies in the diversity of our employees.

Your commitment outside the office is important to us. We know that you are more than your work - you are part of your community. That's why we support your social commitment with two days of special leave per year for voluntary work, whether it's volunteering in local social institutions such as "Die Tafel", environmental protection initiatives, involvement in sports clubs or cultural projects or in disaster relief and humanitarian support. We want you to have the opportunity to work where your heart beats and feel the full support of your employer.

Join the Kaske Group, where your diversity is valued and you have the freedom to be socially engaged and make a positive difference in the world.

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