The success of Smile.BI is based on the following core values

Our Values

Smile.BI is a modern and innovative company. Our focus is not only on products and services, but above all on people and our shared values. These values form the basis for our cooperation in the company and within the group.

They guide us in everything we do and shape our corporate culture. They are at the heart of everything we do and form the basis for our success. For us, they are more than just words - they are our promise. They form the framework on which our work rests and serve as a compass in a changing world. Our values are the foundation on which our company is built. We strive to always act honestly, transparently and fairly - whether in our dealings with employees, customers or partners.

Our corporate culture is the result of a dedicated team that values diversity and collaboration. Creativity and innovation flourish in an environment where everyone has the opportunity to contribute their ideas and is perceived as making a valuable contribution to success. Through regular exchange and open communication, we foster an atmosphere of learning and growth.

On the one hand, our success is based on the lively exchange of different perspectives and experiences. On the other hand, it is based on the cohesion within the company, which also extends beyond the boundaries of our company and shapes the entire Kaske Group with all its locations and nationalities.

Our 7 values motivate us every day to realize our vision and to create a better future together.


    Client Success

    We create superior results for our clients with our tools and teams. We will put them first in ways that are aligned to our strategic business goals.



    We are continously moving forward, innovating, and improving. We listen hard to our customers to fully understand their challenges.



    In an uncertain world, we move fast to succeed and make quick decisions in face of imperfect information.



    Passion is at the heart of our company. We love what we do, which helps us to delight our clients and excel at our tasks.



    We own our projects from start to finish and won't only work on what is assigned.



    We challenge others and ourselves when we see room for improvement, even if it leads to uncomfortable situations.



    We achieve the best results by collaborating, helping others and building lasting partnerships with our clients and our colleagues. We believe that diverse teams achieve better results.

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