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Ecommerce Consulting

Unlock growth and innovation with customized pharma ecommerce services from Smile.BI


Unleash the power of innovation and experience in your pharma ecommerce. Our experienced team supports your product launches, growth and investment strategies with personalized, exclusive consulting services. We are not just consultants, but partners who drive your success in the digital pharma landscape.


All Smile.BI Consulting services

  • Ecommerce Consulting: Exclusive, personal consulting from our experienced ecommerce managers on all topics related to ecommerce
  • Store Consulting: Market analysis for an optimal matching of your products with the relevant stores
  • Digital Performance Index: Analysis of touch and trigger points for the acquisition of new online customers
  • Consulting Full Data Access: Human Powered Insights to all KPI's included in Smile Analytics 4.0
  • Customer Journey Analysis: analysis and optimization of the shopping experience of your potential customers
  • Projectbook: Creation of a long-term manual incl. resource analysis, recommendations & roadmap
  • Base Optimization: Securing all basic information and setups for a successful start in online pharmacies
  • Media Invest Analysis: Dynamic tool for a precisely fitting WKZ investment distribution on store & brand level
  • Management meetings: Strategy consulting with Fabian Kaske on trends, market developments and competitor insights
  • Invest Calculator: Interactive allocation tool to increase the success of WKZ measures
  • Retail Media KPI Report: Monthly report on the effectiveness of on-site measures in online pharmacies
  • Launch Consulting: Constant process support and consulting for the market launch of new brands and products
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Maximize your return on investment with our dynamic ROI calculator

WKZ & Retail Media

Welcome to the future of pharma ecommerce. With our data-driven service offering, we help you make smarter and more efficient investment decisions. All based on the Smile.BI WKZ & Retail Media App.

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All offers from Smile.BI WKZ and Retail Media

  • WKZ Consulting Basics: Recommendation derivation for efficient, data-based investment allocation
  • Proof of Performance: Monitoring of the implementation of advertising measures in the stores
  • ROI Calculator: Return on Investment Calculator offers ROI-based, interactive allocation recommendation of spendings on brand and store level
  • Retail Media KPI Report: Monthly report on the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising measures
  • Benchmarking & competitor monitoring: Granular tracking of own and competitor investments
  • Handling & Booking: Reliable implementation of planned retail media measures

Increase your sales with advanced Amazon strategies and campaigns


Improve your ecommerce game in the pharmaceutical market with Smile.BI and Dr. Vital. With our extensive industry experience and expertise, we offer specialized consulting services tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Start your Amazon journey with our comprehensive workshop that covers everything from the overview to the intricacies of Amazon Marketplace.


All Smile.BI Amazon Services

  • Amazon Workshop: Overview and functionality of Amazon Marketplace incl. effect on online pharmacies & Co.
  • Account creation: Creation of an Amazon account and support for data maintenance in the back end
  • Potential analysis: Check-up of the status quo of your brands and uncovering of potentials
  • Trademark registration & protection: Registration of your brands, application and management of trademark writing rights
  • SEO Boost product page optimization: Market analysis and creation of a holistic SEO content strategy
  • Product page listing & optimization: successful brand identity through graphic and conversion optimized A+ content
  • Sales on Amazon: Extensive management of product sales as an independent sales partner
  • Advertising campaigns: Optimal use of advertising media in effective placements to increase ROAS
  • Support & Consulting: Monitoring of listings & buybox placements as well as price and competitor analyses
  • Content maintenance: Management of product pages and backend keywords for conversion rate adjustment
  • Brand store creation & management: creation and maintenance of merchant stores and management of tags
  • Deep Insights Report: Deep reporting on PZN, bundles, visibility, buybox, ratings, prices & revenue
  • Portfolio expansion: Workshop for opening up further market potential through product developments
  • Promotions: Planning and execution of promotions to attract new target groups

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