Artificial Intelligence meets Smile Analytics - SmileGPT becomes Smile.AI


Smile GPT Bot

The Smile.AI Highlights

  • Product text creation:
    In 2 clicks to HWG-compliant and search engine optimized description texts
  • Sales forecasts:
    Smart, data-based analysis and recommendations in just 30 seconds
  • Customer reviews:
    Overview and evaluation of all product reviews
  • Keywords and categories:
    Status quo and potential analyses are among the most important success levers
  • WKZ & Retail Media:
    Detailed recommendations for successful action planning and implementation
  • Competitor product comparison:
    Exciting insights from the competitive environment for better positioning
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With artificial intelligence to competitive advantage

AI goes Smile Analytics

Artificial intelligence is revolutionising our lives and opening up completely new possibilities.

With SmileGPT, we have launched the first innovative pharma AI tool. We combine OpenAI technology with our market-leading Smile Analytics data to provide the best insights.

We have now developed the tool into Smile.AI, allowing you to define individual queries and create comprehensive analyses on all relevant ecommerce data in no time. Get exciting insights on product page quality, product texts, ratings, WKZ and prices in just a few seconds. And in the future, also benefit from data on visibility, amazon, drugstores and Google Ads.

Identify trends, optimize your strategies and make informed decisions to maximize your competitive advantage. Increase your efficiency and use the full potential of our data with Smile.AI. Experience a whole new dimension of data analysis and harness the power of artificial intelligence.

Our new Smile.BI Copilots

Insights Copilot

  • Revenue Potential:
    Identify revenue leakage with our data-driven analysis in just 30 seconds
  • Keyword Potential:
    Get specific keyword recommendations for your products
  • Category Potentials:
    Improve your positioning with category suggestions
  • Reviews:
    Even closer to the customer thanks to sentiment analysis

Content Copilot

  • SEO Product Texts:
    HWG-compliant, conversion and search engine optimized product texts for epharmacies in just 2 clicks
  • Headlines:
    Strong, meaningful headlines ensure better rankings
  • Amazon A+ Content:
    Maximum amazon success through optimized content
  • Ad impulses:
    Creative suggestions for your next campaign

Communication Copilot

  • Speed:
    Create customized emails in 60 seconds using dynamic templates
  • Individuality:
    Personal address to your own contact persons and expressions

Create HWG-compliant content in just 2 clicks and save up to 90 % time in the process

The Smile.AI Content Copilot

Your benefits with Smile.AI

  • Speed without compromise:
    Important, complex questions that normally take hours to answer are answered within 30 seconds, saving your company an enormous amount of time.
  • Highest data security:
    Our AI tool ensures the highest standards of data security. We do not store any information about the processed company data and no data is used for training purposes of the AI models. Furthermore, no data is shared with third parties to ensure the integrity of your information.
  • Brand Tonality for maximum brand consistency:
    Our unique approach ensures that all generated text is consistent with the specific brand language. Using existing content as a base ensures consistency of your brand messages and values to create a strong and consistent brand identity.
  • Uniqueness made in Germany:
    Our copilots are completely developed in Germany. No other AI tool has these market-leading insights on spendings, reach and performance of all brands in all relevant epharmacies and on Google.

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